Paris 1997

I spent the summer of 1997 busking in Paris.  

I preferred to play inside the metro stations because of the huge reverb. 

I always hated playing outdoors without amplifying, because it feels like shouting underwater.

I would look for the acoustic sweet spot of a metro station and improvise for hours hanging in that cathedral sound vibe, playing against the hauling wind gusts, pushed into the station by the tubes. 

Other musicians would drop by and we would record sessions from down under the streets of Paris. 

Back home, I immediately quit my studies, since I felt well enough trained to be able to harvest from the intense inspirations I gained in Paris. I couldn't stand the thought of having to attend another big-band rehearsal playing “Fly Me To The Moon” or “Autumn Leaves”.

Looking ten years further back, I can see myself dancing to Michael Jackson's „Beat It“ and rapping Grandmaster Flash’s “New York, New York".  

At that time my parents would soon get divorced and I was a thirteen year old, pubescent and desperate kid, looking up to Madonna and Prince declaring them to my new parents. 

I was fed up with classical music whimpering in the house all day long and hated taking clarinet and piano lessons. 

I would literally get sick on Mozart and Bach etudes. 

So I’d sit in my room with my old AIWA radio and get more and more obsessed with pop music.  

I’ve been passionate about pop music ever since, I think, because it was the only genre, that I was able to discover for myself. 

The sound struck and overwhelmed me, it felt so irresistibly illuminating and so much more life affirming! 

Pop music saved my life.

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